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Michael Randels is a signwriter and modern-day renaissance man. He has created over 5000 hand-painted signs , located across the entire continental United States. He has also partnered on major projects over the years with The History Channel, TLC, Woodstock Ventures, Sony Records, Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters, and Free People to name a few. He currently lives near Bethel , New York where you can see his Dove and Sunflower signs all along the roads of Bethel, White Lake, and Kauneonga Lake .  He has also done the restoration painting and ongoing maintenance of the Woodstock monument at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts  for nearly two decades and is well known for his quality work. He is also responsible for a fleet of colorful art cars and trucks.


Keith Phillips originally studied commercial art, winning various honors and awards. He then decided


Keith Phillips originally studied commercial art, winning various honors and awards. He then decided to pursue fine art full time.
 He studied in Philadelphia at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, exhibiting in various museums and galleries including the Philadelphia Sketch Club and the PAFA Museum, showing his work along side Thomas Eakins, William Merritt Chase and Cecilia Beaux.
​Keith's goal in art is to apply traditional old master techniques with hints of modernity. He also plays with scale and works on both large and small pieces, ranging from Billboards to 4" x 4". 

Keith currently resides in Sullivan County, New York. His mediums are painting, sculpture, graphic/logo design and is a published poet.

Are YOU Experienced ?


If so , WE  WANT  YOU  !!!

Bethel Brushworks is in it's infancy at the time, yet promises to be a progressive group of multi-talented individuals able to cover most facets of creative design,  art production and installations. 

We are currently looking for high-caliber team players to join us at the grass-roots level of this exciting endeavor.

If you have ever hoped to use everything you have learned, and skills that you have perfected to be a part of something big , contact us soon .

About Bethel Brushworks

Our Background



Bethel Brushworks is a collective effort of a growing group of experienced artists and craftsmen keenly focused in an effort to share their experience and talent with the community. We maintain a lifelong effort to explore, practice and maintain skills and techniques both long-lost as well as cutting edge. The extensive experience of our artists provides an instinctive ability to do what typically cannot be done in this day and age, and that is why we are here. art and design murals sculpture graphic design

Our Medium



What makes Bethel Brushworks unique is our ability to create fine art, as well as commercial art and signage in locations that would typically be a seemingly impossible task. We have experience working  in most every medium  which gives us the ability to reimagine the possibilities, and give any location potential. 

From a building's brick walls  to the side of a barn, a cinderblock building or a century-old

feed silo on a local farm, we have the ability to bring any artistic concept to most locations. Even elements of nature are a potential medium for our talented group of artists. We can paint anything , any size, any where. From painting " SUNKIST " on an orange, to painting a sunset on a three-story barn roof, anything and everything is possible on any scale.

Our Inspiration



Our defining inspiration comes from a deep sense of community, as well as a heart-felt desire to do our part to bring beautiful art to this wonderful place in which we live. We are delighted with the opportunity to make our talents available to bring art to the heart of our hometown as a benefit to all. Our lives are enriched by our community and the people in it , and it is our ultimate goal to do the same in return.


The Studio

Introduction of things to come! Stay tuned........

A Dove is born